Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winter Reads

Now that Thanksgiving is almost here, it's time to once again revisit an old favorite story that evokes a sense of nostalgia, as well as highlight the holiday season. There are many good series book set around the holidays or Winter itself, and over the next few months, I'm hoping to spotlight a couple of them, and perhaps you will have a personal favorite you can recommend to me as well.

One of my favorite seasonal series books is The Mystery of Cabin Island. This Hardy Boys books has all the classic elements that makes series book reading and collecting so much fun. I have only read the original version, and am not familiar with the revised text.

Number 8 in the series, the story is considered to be one of the finest by Hardy Boys' fans. It was published in 1929, and has been a perennial favorite for years. The Hardy's and friends Chet and Biff sail their boat to desolate Cabin Island over their Christmas vacation, and strange happenings begin. Supplies disappear, strangers seem to be on the island, and a mystery involving a fireplace are just some of the mysterious events that the four boys encounter. It's up to Frank and Joe to unravel the mystery, while trying to enjoy their vacation. The winter season is admirably depicted by ghost writer Leslie Macfarlane. The island environment seems to come right out of MacFarlane's own experiences living in the north woods of Canada.
If you have never read this book, grab a copy off of Bonanzle or Ebay. If I have time this weekend, I may pick up my copy as well.

I hope everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. May time with family and friends be restful and full of thanks.


  1. CABIN ISLAND is my favorite Hardy Boys book and probably the #1 favorite with most collectors. The revised version from 1966 is also very good (surprisingly) with just a little fleshing out of the plot added. Of course, the modern revision has cut out a lot of the charm of the original text story.

    There is also a novelet fanfiction sequel online entitled THE SECRETS OF CABIN ISLAND. This is written in the style of the original and takes place the week after, around the New Years holiday. Frank and Joe run into yet another mystery at Cabin Island and have a great adventure that culminates in New York City on New Years Eve. The complete text can be found online at:



  2. Thanks Mike-

    I'll check it out!