Monday, November 23, 2009

Another High Selling Nancy Drew!

This unique collectible Nancy Drew book which has a label advertising the film "Nancy Drew: Detective just sold for a whopping 1700.00 on Ebay. These books with the wrapper included are very hard to find and date to 1938.
The book is a 1938A-12 printing and is in very good shape. The seller had a reserve price set, and up until 10 seconds before the auction closed that reserve had not been met. Things changed rather quickly! Congratulations to the seller and the buyer. It looks like a beautiful book to own. The economy may be hurting, but occasional high prices are still turning up on series books!


  1. I saw one of these once in a private collection. Very nice! One very interesting thing about the books of this era is that Margaret Sutton on the back cover, with her blonde finger waves, looks just like Nancy Drew on the front cover! And Margaret did not like Nancy Drew; her claim in later life was that Nancy (and the Stratemeyer Syndicate) had killed her Judy Bolton series. I asked her once about her resemblance to Nancy Drew on the 1930s Drew covers and she grunted, disdainfully, "All the girls looked like that then!"


  2. Mike-
    Love the story! I have always wondered if that was really Margaret Sutton on the back cover of so many of these 1930's books!