Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Susabella Passengers and Friends- Another Excellent Series Books Periodical!

I just received my latest copy of Susabella Passengers and Friends, another periodical available to series book enthusiasts. It is published by Garrett Lothe, a long time series book collector. The periodical is billed as "A series book magazine about all series books." That is exactly why I like it; it seems to focus on many different types of series. I have learned a great deal from this magazine, and it has made me aware of many different series. Many series on my bookshelf were first spotlighted or mentioned in Susabella Passengers.
Each issue centers around a theme. My latest issue's theme is "Escape With Me", and allows several different collectors to talk about what book or series hero or heroine they would like to be a part of. This month's issue includes mentions of Nancy Drew, the Dana Girls, Ken Holt, Judy Bolton, Vicki Barr, Connie Blair and Robin Kane. Many different fans of series books contribute to the magazine, and it seems to have quite a following. I very much enjoy this one.
A one year subscription consisting of 6 issues runs 20.00. Checks can be made out to Garrett K. Lothe or Susabella Passengers. All mailings should be sent to: Susabella Passengers and Friends, 80 Ocean Pines Lane, Pebble Beach, CA., 93953. You can email Garrett at spsngrs@mbay.net . I can't say enough good things about this magazine. If you don't subscribe, you really need to.

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