Sunday, November 8, 2009

Judy Bolton books added on my Bonanzle booth

I posted 16 Judy Bolton titles to my Bonanzle booth today. I remain encouraged with Bonanzle. Visitors continue to stop by and look at my items. In addition to my Judy Bolton titles, I have white spine and wrap Nancy Drews, several Hardy Boys and some additional Nancy Drew Girl Detective titles that are firsts. I believe that as my stock grows, more buyers will stop by and find something they are looking for. With Christmas coming, the more I put in the more likely things will sell.
So what Judy Bolton titles did I add? Several dust jacketed Judys, including The Forbidden Chest, The Mysterious Half Cat, The Riddle of the Double Ring, The Name on the Bracelet, and The Living Portrait. In addition, I had some non dust jacket copies of some Judy Boltons that I have decided to post in lots of 2 and 3. These copies are later titles that may be hard to find, but can be purchased inexpensively from me to fill in holes for people collecting a complete set of the Bolton titles. Titles grouped in lots include The Clue in the Ruined Castle, The Trail of the Green Doll, and The Haunted Fountain.
I will remain committed to Bonanzle. I believe it is a great Ebay alternative, one that will continue to grow in popularity among shoppers.

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