Monday, January 4, 2010

Nice Books.... High Price

Here is a great example of what I wrote about yesterday. Check out this Ebay item:

Item Number:230419696020

Eight of the Bolian illustrated Nancy Drew books... Price? A Buy It Now of 602.00!

I don't have any of these books in my collection, but I know they are a little more desirable among collectors. I have not seen them for less than 50.00 on Ebay, but this seems to be a rather steep price: 75.25 a book. All eight for 602.00.

And another picture besides spines facing out would have been nice. What do the fronts look like? At 602.00, I'd like to have a look before buying. The description says "Some are in better from very nice to good." Better what? Shape I presume. The seller offers to send more pictures upon request, but why not post up front? I have a hunch these copies are not worth 75.00 a book!

I, unfortunately do not have 602.00 laying around for an Ebay purchase.

They seem overpriced to me. Desirable? Yes. Obtainable? "Not I, said the blindman..."


  1. This is an example of a seller losing sight of the fact that most buyers probably do not need all eight books. It is better to sell in lots on eBay, but not when one wants $75 per book. Individual would be better.

    Don't you notice that when sellers want an outrageous price that they tend not to provide good pictures of the books? It's like they want to get a high price with minimal effort.

    I agree that the books are overpriced. What has happened to the Cameo editions is that several people have been buying all of the available low-priced copies and then have inflated the prices into the hundreds, stating that they are rare. They provide the high prices on ABE as proof that the books are worth hundreds. The books on ABE are not selling, so the high prices mean nothing.

  2. These books keep getting relisted. Nobody wants to buy them at that price. Most people probably already own at least one of them, so they aren't going to want to pay that much to get a partial set.