Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beverly Gray and the World Cruise

I know that over the years I have walked past many Beverly Gray books in antique stores and used book stores. Until I read John Axe's book All About Collecting Girls Series Books, I had no idea what I was missing. The Beverly Gray books are fun and enjoyable. I am enjoying the various arcs that the various volumes present. I feel like I am reading a continuing story. The books follow one another, and they read best in order.
Saying that, I will confess that I have only read three of the titles so far. I started with World's Fair, and I was a little lost initially. Obviously these girls have been together for a while, and their various male friends also have been around before. I felt that I was coming into the middle of the story. Since I didn't have the earlier titles, which chronicled Beverly's college years and her move to New York, I continued along. By the end of the story, despite the lack of background information, I was hooked.
I wanted to know more about Beverly. Would her book be published? Would she really go on the Cruise? And where does the money come from to allow her to travel around the world on the Susabella? I wanted to know, so I continued with the next title.
Beverly Gray on a World Cruise officially begins the adventures of the Susabella passengers as they embark on an around the World cruise. The young men and women embark from New York with their chaperon, and we are quickly thrown into many adventures. Passengers go overboard, half of a mysterious treasure map fall into the travelers hands, and a mysterious Count with questionable motives follows the travelers.
I am halfway through the World Cruise story arc, having completed the second volume, Beverly Gray in the Orient. They are shanghaied by pirates, the mysterious Count continues to pursue them, and they are slowly becoming aware that the treasure map is going to lead them on more adventures. I am very much enjoying the storyline, and the various romances that are developing in the story.
There is something to be said for books that build from one volume to the next. Many series books are individual stories that use the same characters in each of its volumes. Series like Beverly Gray use continuing story lines to their advantage. Judy Bolton stories are another series that come to mind that build from story to story. When I finish the next two titles, Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt and Beverly Gray's Return, I'll give more feedback. If you haven't read these books, grab a copy!

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  1. In some of these books, Beverly Gray can challenge Indiana Jones and that couple in the recent Mummy movies. She easily outdoes Nancy Drew. I like that she has lots of friends involved and that these adventures go on and on, often one will end like 3/4 way through a book and another will begin.

    Definitely an underrated series. Even the college titles are very exciting, and all are filled with weird and strange characters and villians. I've often wondered why it's not more talked about. Even the fanzine Susabella Passengers doesn't focus much on Beverly Gray, preferring to dwell on Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton, who really don't have the wildly imaginative adventures that Beverly does.