Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bonanzle Booth

You probably have noticed that I have a booth set up on Bonanzle. In that booth, I have created a bookstore that specializes in series books. I have 58 books available for sale, and several more will be added in the next few weeks.

So why Bonanzle? I have just recently become interested in selling some books myself, and began to do some research as to what would be my best venue for selling. I had sold some items over the years on Ebay, but after doing some research, quite frankly I can not afford the fees that they want to charge. When you list an item on Ebay you pay a fee. When you sell an item, you pay an additional fee. Then you pay a fee for PayPal, and are required to use PayPal for your checkout. This is an expensive proposition for a new seller. It forces sellers to charge more for a book, and creates an inflated price for the buyer.

At Bonanzle you join for free. That's right, FREE! You pay a small price if you sell anything, and you have the option of using PayPal or accepting checks and money orders. This makes it less intimidating for a new seller. I am not paying a dime to list the books I have in my store, and if they sit for six months and don't move I am not paying for that privelege. And Bonanzle works with Google to help your items come up in their search engines. You are getting exposure, which allows for more visits to your site.

I am going to be transparent here. Thus far, I have not made a sale. But I have had over 500 hits on my site in the last four weeks. I am convinced that things will move as we enter the Fall season, and Christmas is on the horizon. And I am not worried that I am spending money with no returns. It will happen.

Jennifer of the Series Books for Girls blog is doing quite well, and if you read her recent posts, she attributes her success to inventory and repeat buyers. If you haven't checked out my store, stop by. I also encourage you to check out Jennifer's blog and her series book site. She has over 500 items for sale, and I believe you will find something you may be looking for.

I will periodically keep you posted on how things are going at the moment. I am really pleased, and think this will allow me to make some money to fuel my series book collecting interests!

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