Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Month Yet on Bonanzle!

The series book sale on Bonanzle is done, although a few booths may be continuing today. The sale certainly helped my booth, giving me my most successful month yet on Bonanzle. It seems as Bonanzle grows, so do my sales. I had over 185.00 worth of sales this month, with a total of 12 books sold in 7 transactions. My total bill to Bonanzle is 8.50, well below what I would owe Ebay for the same amount of sales. I sold primarily lower priced books, several below 10.00. As stated in other blogs, Ebay's charges makes it very hard to sell books at a low price. The fees are just too high. Thanks to all of you who bought books from me this month. Special thanks to Jennifer White, for her continued commitment to this hobby, and to those of us who sell similar items on Bonanzle. Your encouragement, knowledge, and help is very appreciated.
I will be adding new books to the booth shortly. Included will be some Three Investigators books and some Yellow spine PC Nancy Drews w/ blue multi-scene endpapers. I'm keeping my eyes open for more Beverly Grays and Judy Boltons.
The second half of January was busy for me, which kept me from posting new entries here. I will be spotlighting in the next few days collecting library binding books, and continue my thoughts on the Beverly Gray series.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you have a good report! I'll have a report on mine either tonight or tomorrow night.

    I think largely because of the book sale, January brought me my highest amount of traffic for any month in the last 13 months. It also brought me my highest volume of sales, beating my best month last year. I had a couple fewer transactions than my previous best month, but I beat my previous best month by a significant amount in dollars.

    There is no doubt that more traffic means more sales. A lot of people are really unhappy about last week's fee hike announcement on eBay (see my blog for information), so more people are migrating to Bonanzle. More sellers will result in more traffic and more buyers.