Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rick Brant Guide by James Ogden

For anyone interested in collecting the Rick Brant series, let me recommend you pick up a copy of James Ogden's Rick Brant Guide. It can be purchased from Spindrift Books ( www.spindriftbooks.com/guide.html) and is available as a CD-Rom. The book is in it's second edition, and is very helpful in identifying the various printings of each of the Rick Brant titles.
I took the time to copy mine onto paper, and had it bound at a local Staples. It is a nice copy that I refer to when I am looking at a book trying to determine if I want to buy it. I have had the good fortune of finding a few first printings, and use the book to guide me finding more first printings.
Spindrift Books also sells some reprints of later titles in the Rick Brant series that are hard to find in their original formats. They feature as well copies of the Hal Goodwin penned The Feathered Cape, a book I have never read, but many consider a wonderful book from the Rick Brant creator.
If you are a Rick Brant collector, and don't have Mr. Ogden's excellent guide, I encourage you to pick one up!

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  1. Is this guide still available? It looks great but I can't find it, and spindrift books website seems to be no more. Thanks!